Sunday, October 24, 2010


Finally some pictures!

This is P, I babysat for her once while I was in Canada. She let do her hair twice! Here I did twists and then pulled it into two messy buns. I got it off of aother blog but cant remember which one..sorry!

P again..this time i did this hairstyle I got it from This Blog (which I love!) The only thing I changed was I did braids instead of this point I still had no idea how to do the twists.

This is M. We did criss-cross piggies on her hair. It didnt turn out like the picture I saw : (

This is K..We tried the same thing as M but K's is just too short.

Not sure what is with this face??

Thats it for now. If I add anymore pictures itll take too long to load. Thanks for visiting!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Still no pictures sorry. I don't have my own computer so I go back and forth between my sisters laptop, my brothers laptop, and my parents desktop. Just havent had the pictures with me when im in front of a computer. Ive taken pictures and am still doing hair just havent posted. Sorry. Also very busy with starting a new job. Today I did Cs hair with a french braid headband but only pulled hair from one side (not sure what this is called) and when we were at dairy queen the cashier asked me how to do it! So I showed her on Ms hair. She was rather impressed! Then I did Rs hair I did 8 french braids all the way around her head (parted from the back and towards the front) and then pulled it all into a pony then I did two braids and put it in a bun. We thought it was missing something so we went to the dollar store and got a flower to put in. She loves braids! I tried the waterfall braid on H (daycare) and she looked adorable! Then I went out to my car and came back and her hair was an absolute mess! Guess that style just doesnt hold up to 3 year olds! I also tried the fish bone braid and love it! My sister asked me to show her and then she showed one of her daycare moms! I finally figured out how to do a rope braid/twist! I never understood it just didnt turn out like the pictures I see. But now I get it! I really want to learn how to do a dutch braid/inside out french braid. Just dont get it. Think thats all for now. Pictures next time!

Hairstyles I want to try
Waterfall headband
Barbie Hairstyle

Saturday, August 14, 2010

First Post

My first post! So..I don't actually have any kids. No, you're not lost-this is a hair blog. I have an obsession with hair. Since I dont have my own kids I do my neices (I have 10) hair whenever theyll let me. I struggle to do my own hair but when I have a little girl in front of me I can do just about anything! I think sometimes they get sick of it. But I love it! I decided to start a blog since I get all of my ideas from other peoples blogs and would love to converse with them! I learned how to french braid and do a fish bone braid from a blog (sorry cant remember which one) Recently watched a video on Adopt a Dos blog on how to do the waterfall french braid and cant wait to try it! Also saw a video on the french fish bone braid somewhere else and cant wait to try it! Hope you enjoy my blog!