Saturday, August 14, 2010

First Post

My first post! So..I don't actually have any kids. No, you're not lost-this is a hair blog. I have an obsession with hair. Since I dont have my own kids I do my neices (I have 10) hair whenever theyll let me. I struggle to do my own hair but when I have a little girl in front of me I can do just about anything! I think sometimes they get sick of it. But I love it! I decided to start a blog since I get all of my ideas from other peoples blogs and would love to converse with them! I learned how to french braid and do a fish bone braid from a blog (sorry cant remember which one) Recently watched a video on Adopt a Dos blog on how to do the waterfall french braid and cant wait to try it! Also saw a video on the french fish bone braid somewhere else and cant wait to try it! Hope you enjoy my blog!

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