My Girls

Maloree 11 Total tomboy. Will only wear her hair in a low pony tail. I never get to do her hair : (

Kaylyn 10 Likes having her hair done but has really short hair so I have a hard time doing anything but french braids

Maicee 8 Total Girly Girl! But doesnt like her hair done (I dont get this)

Ellie 5 HATES having her done. But yet loves princesses and the color pink and anything girly (Dont get this either) Recently chopped (I mean chopped!) her off and ended having to get bangs.

Raelee 3 LOVES having her done. (Shes the one I try new things on!) LOVES Princess hair. Also recently cut her hair (but not as bad as Ellies) and had to get it professionally cut. This was her first haircut.

Carmyn 3 Loves having her hair done but has hard time sitting still. Also loves princess hair

Will put pictures up soon!

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